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Posted on May 11, 2021
Fire Protection Service Manager Rob Senger and his wife on graduation day.

Fire Protection Service Manager Rob Senger just completed his Bachelor’s in Project and Supply Chain Management from Penn State Behrend. He did this while working full time and raising two kids. Rob has been a part of the fire protection team for 15 years. After graduating from high school, Rob was actually a truck driver for two years before joining the military. When he got out of the military in 2006, his Godfather, Tim Spaeder, asked if he would want to be part of the Fire Protection Team. Rob began his apprenticeship in July of 2006 and came into the office as a Project Manager in April 2011. We’re grateful for his hard work and dedication.
*The photo shows Rob with his wife on graduation day.

A Warm Welcome to Recent New Hires!

Rhonda Morelli - Wm. T. Spaeder Fire Protection Project Manager

Rhonda Morelli (Fire Protection Designer & Project Manager)
Rhonda graduated from Triangle Tech in 1997 and is knowledgeable in designing both plumbing and fire protection systems. She is NICET Level IV certified in Water-Based Systems Layout. Before coming to Spaeder, she worked as a Project Manager for Johnson Controls and also spent over 16 years as a designer at Preferred Fire Protection. She initially met the owner of Preferred Fire Protection, Ed Gonano, while doing a Pre-Bid walk through at Duquesne University Towers Dormitory. When she expressed some concerns about the layout and excess pressure with the fire pump, the maintenance staff decided to name the pump after her… “Lil’ Rhonda.” Born and raised in the Pittsburgh area, she lives with her husband Jason and their two kids, Dominik (16) and Mia (14). She’s excited to be here at Spaeder and looks forward to a fulfilling career with the company.

Justine Lawton-Korb - Wm. T. Spaeder Assistant Project Manager

Justine Lawton-Korb (Assistant Project Manager)
Justine worked at Spaeder years ago as a pipefitter and is returning as our new Assistant Project Manager. In 2001, she went through the Steamfitters Apprenticeship program and served as a Pipefitter Journeyman. At the time, this was the Local 47. She also obtained her Erie plumbing license – the first woman to do so. She went on to work as a welder at GE where she joined their engineering apprenticeship program then moved up the ranks into management. Most recently, she secured a position at Kohls in online fulfillment as their lead omni technician. She’s been married for 20 years to her husband Jerry and has two kids, Justin (28) who lives in Reno, Nevada and Justice (18) who is graduating from high school. An Erie native, she enjoys hiking, gardening, and has also run five marathons.

Holly Hunter - Customer Service / Compliance Specialist

Holly Hunter (Customer Service / Compliance Specialist)
Before coming to Spaeder, Holly worked at the Hillman Cancer Center as a Front Office Coordinator. She also has 13 years of experience as a Veterinary Technician. In her spare time, she continues to pursue this interest, working weekends at the Emergency Veterinary Center by the Erie Zoo as well as the Animal Hospital in Waterford, PA. Born and raised in Erie, she enjoys outdoor activities such as golfing and exploring Presque Isle. She’s been married to her husband Scott for four years, and as of now, they have two “fur babies,” a dog, Clark, and a cat, Geno.

Joelle Kircher - Service Coordinator

Joelle Kircher (Service Coordinator)
Joelle has been working as a legal assistant and IT Coordinator for the last 16 years and is excited to join the Spaeder team because of the company’s reputation and strong family values. She currently resides in Waterford, PA with her husband, Paul, and has lived in the Erie area all of her life. She also has two horses and is an avid rider.

Joe Velez - VDC Coordinator

Joe Velez (VDC Coordinator)
Joe graduated from Triangle Tech in 1999, and before joining the Spaeder team, spent the last 13 years with CMI Energy, LLC. as a piping designer. Originally from Erie, PA, he’s excited to work at Spaeder because of its reputation for excellence and the family atmosphere. He looks forward to taking his past work experience and applying it to new challenges while also continuing to learn and develop his expertise. He’s married with two kids (now adults) Alyssa (25) and Javier (21) who are pursuing their own careers. He enjoys the outdoors, hiking, and fishing.

Sam Benninghoff (Quality Control Inspector)

Sam Benninghoff (Quality Control Inspector)
Sam graduated from Penn State Behrend with a BA in History as well as attended the New Castle School of Trades for welding. Before arriving at Spaeder, he worked at Corry Manufacturing in Corry, PA as a Weld Engineer. He’s married with two small children Samuel and Maren. Sam grew up in Illinois and in his spare time enjoys hunting, gardening, and (of course) welding. He’s excited to be here at Spaeder and hopes to do the best job possible.


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