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Posted on January 8, 2019

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he Pittsburgh office opened on June 2018 and arose from the increasing opportunities Wm.T.Spaeder is starting to receive in the Pittsburgh area.

The expansion was brought about in part by our long term relationship with the facilities maintenance that was at Children’s Hospital.  Due to this, we began to receive requests to come to Pittsburgh and perform emergency service maintenance projects as needed at Children’s Hospital. This has led to the opportunity to bid and be awarded numerous  projects at Children’s Hospital, such as replacement of leaking steam traps, replacement of the AOB (Administration Office Building) Boilers, Ambulance Bay dust replacement, Replacement of Steam Coil in Baby Blue to name a few.

We are receiving numerous opportunities from General Contractors in the area, along with other owner customers that we have had a long term relationship, such as United Refining and Ellwood Mill Products in New Castle. With the Pittsburgh office, we have been in a prime position to perform emergency work for these entities as well.

The focus of the Pittsburgh office is Service, Health Care, Institutional, Education, and Industrial. The Pittsburgh office also assists Erie with performing estimates on an as needed basis and is administered by Marty Gladish.

Marty has a long history of estimating and managing industrial and institutional projects, having worked at Sauer, McCarl’s, and Power Piping.  Peggy Zysk assists Marty with the estimating duties and other duties as needed. Peggy started her career as a draftsman for Navco, and has also worked for Sauer, Ruthrauff-Sauer, and McCarl’s. Peggy has experience in both estimating and helping manage industrial and commercial projects.

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