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Veolia Skids / Georgia Power Fabrication Image by Wm. T. Spaeder
Process Piping

Project Summary

Design and fabricate 13 skids (20 skid sections) for a new flue gas desulfurization (FGD) wastewater treatment plant at a large power plant in Georgia.

Project Scope

  • In-house VDC/BIM layout and design of process piping and skid frames.
  • Provisions for shipping breaks for oversized skids requiring shipment in up to 3 major sections.
  • Process piping consisting of primarily butt-wrapped fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) pipe manufactured by RPS.
  • Integration of free-issue Equipment, Valves, Instruments, and Control Panels.
  • Pipe stress analysis of FRP pipe.
  • Structural and seismic analysis of skid frames.
  • In-house fabrication of structural steel skid frames.
  • In-house fabrication of carbon steel, stainless steel, and CPVC pipe.
  • Certified welding inspections to ASME B31.1 and AWS D1.1.
  • Painting of CS Pipe and hot-dip galvanizing of steel skid frames.
  • Assembly of all skidded piping and components.
  • Installation of all on-skid conduit, wiring, and control air tubing.
  • Pressure and functional testing of completed skid assemblies.
  • Shipping preparation, packaging, and logistics coordination.

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