Sheffield Terrace Booster Station

Category: Process Piping, Water | Waste Water Treatment
Location: Aliquippa, PA

New booster station to service Aliquippa drinking water requirements. We built up the suction and discharge headers in our fab shop to attempt to minimize site time.

Ship Boom Fabrication

Category: Fabrication, Industrial | Refining | Power
Location: Erie, PA

Shop fabricated a 267’ long multi-section conveyor boom and installed boom on a ship.

Skid Fabrication for Power Plant

Category: Fabrication, Industrial | Refining | Power, Process Piping, Water | Waste Water Treatment
Location: Erie, PA / Georgia

Design and fabricate 13 skids (20 skid sections) for a new flue gas desulfurization (FGD) wastewater treatment plant at a large power plant in Georgia.

Sonic Drive-In

Category: Food & Beverage, Plumbing
Location: Erie, PA

Domestic water, gas, sanitary, equipment & hook-up for the new Sonic Drive-In location at the Millcreek Mall.

St. Vincent’s Hospital | Domestic Water Heater Replacement

Category: Healthcare, Plumbing
Location: Erie, PA

Complete replacement of St. Vincent’s Hospital hot water heating system.

United Refining Company Hydrogen Plant

Category: Industrial | Refining | Power, Process Piping
Location: Warren, PA

Addition of a hydrogen plant and process piping.