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Posted on December 3, 2020

We’re proud to be wrapping up our project showcase for the new patient care tower in Erie, PA.

Spaeder’s scope of work included both the commercial plumbing and fire protection. The plumbing included both standard systems and medical gases with 295+ plumbing fixtures. Our VDC department did the BIM modeling and our fab shop pre-fabbed a wide variety of components.

In the above video, Plumbing Foreman Eric Bowman walks us through the finishing stages of the plumbing for a new patient care tower in Erie, PA. Eric covers the hospital mechanical room which contains domestic water booster pumps, instant hot water tanks, mixing valves, and medical gas skids (among other things). He also shows us how the fixtures are being installed in patient rooms.

Garrett O’Brien (2nd year plumbing apprentice at the time of filming), speaks about his experience working on the hospital project as well as what it is like working with the Spaeder team.

*Social distancing was maintained when applicable, and some footage was shot PRIOR to the pandemic.


Check Out the Rest of the Patient Care Tower Plumbing Series Parts 1-3 Below:

Hospital Plumbing Part 1

In Part 1, we’re laying the groundwork during the initial stages of construction. We also touch on different technology tools such as Revizto and Bluebeam which have been instrumental in helping us do our work efficiently.

Hospital Plumbing Part 2

In Part 2, we continue to follow foreman Eric Bowman as we move through the construction process of a large hospital project in Erie, PA.  He touches on practical topics such as where and how we hang our pipes as well as how we use Trimble’s Total Station to lay down accurately measured points. 

Hospital Plumbing Part 3

In Part 3, we’re close to beginning the fixtures stage. Eric Bowman talks about the plumbing for the rooms, nurse’s stations as well as the domestic water service in the hospital basement.

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