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Posted on December 13, 2021


Procore is a construction specific documentation management software that streamlines the overall building process by organizing digital documents into one place. Spaeder has begun implementing this technology over the past year and a half, allowing us to increase our efficiency and productivity.

How Does Procore Work?

Once a bid has been awarded and all of the contracts are signed, we create our Procore Project. It is in this project where all construction documents reside. They are uploaded into a cloud based software system and organized into categories which include drawings, specifications, submittals, photos, and other types of project documentation. Gone are the days of handling multiple sets of printed construction drawings which slowly lose accuracy as the job progresses. Gone are the days dealing with multiple Dropbox folders housing hundreds of project documents. In Procore, everything is easy, organized, and interactive.  All drawing revisions are uploaded as soon as they are received, and past revisions are saved in the system to review project history and changes.

Procore’s Many Tools

Procore is not just a document management system. This software provides a myriad of tools for handling submittals, creating forms, storing photos, and logging daily project records – all of which work easily with an iPad.


In the past, we use to print out pages and pages of submittals that would inevitably be exposed to the wind, rain, and other such job site hazards. Now, we can keep everything in Procore, and because the submittals are executed directly through Procore, the project team can access these immediately after they are approved. Procore notifies all team members of any changes that happen over the course of the job so that everyone can remain up to date.

Form Editing and Creation

In Procore, you can access material request forms, fabrication forms, ISO drawing templates, testing forms, three week look aheads, and time/material sheets. Forms can be emailed out to the project team and automatically saved to view later.

Photos & Daily Logs

Other key tools for field use would be the photo and daily log sections. Because Procore is accessible through an iPad app, photos can be taken directly through the app and uploaded into a project. Taking photos over the duration of a project is important. Before burying a pipe underground, in a wall, or above a ceiling, we can snap a photo and easily document the job in progress.

In addition to photos, the digital daily log comes in handy and can also be submitted through the iPad app. This makes necessary documentation and note-taking easy and efficient. All members of a project team can access these notes for future review and as reference materials.

I have been a part of at least four large jobs that have all went paperless, and I am proud of our foremen for taking the initiative to test and learn new ways of doing things. With the constant changes in drawings these days, utilizing a software program like Procore has helped streamline our construction workflow and make complex tasks effortless. Technological innovations move quickly, and to stay relevant in the current market, we are always investigating new tools to increase our efficiency and lower the bottom line for our customers.

For the Spaeder Foremen Reading this Post

If you do not have an iPad, reach out to your PM and we can make something happen. Also, if you are a foreman and you want your crew to have access to the online construction documents, reach out to your PM, and we can evaluate your project setup and possibly distribute additional iPads to your crew. It should also be noted that there are quick training videos available under the help section in Procore. The software is self-explanatory once you start navigating through the app. If you need any additional guidance, please send me an email and we can arrange a training session.


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