Lean Construction

Spaeder’s Focus On Lean Construction

The Wm.T. Spaeder Company strives to incorporate lean concepts into every job, regardless of size. Our goal is to identify and eliminate inefficiencies, reduce costs, and improve the flow of information and materials.

Start With A Plan

Every project is started with a proactive “look-ahead” scheduling session, which focuses our short-term milestones (three to four weeks). To ensure sound communication and efficiency, both project managers and site supervisors collaboratively develop this plan in order to promote seamless coordination between all teams.

Just-In-Time Deliveries

To minimize lost labor hours and increases performance throughout the project, Spaeder uses “just-in-time” planning. During this phase, Spaeder arranges to have equipment and systems delivered to the final destination at precisely the time it’s needed.


Shop fabrication allows for work to be performed under ideal conditions, resulting in higher quality products and services. The ability to construct completed spools and modular fabrications significantly enhances workflow and diminishes on-site hangups, which results in improved productivity and a less congested work site.


A shared vision between all parties is a crucial component of lean construction. When projects require the work of multiple trades, all parties involved collaborate to develop a comprehensive plan, ensuring cohesion from inception to fulfillment.

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