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Posted on November 24, 2021

Even if it seems obvious, we all get busy over the holiday season with cooking, travel, guests and family which can lead us to forget the simple things. So here are a few gentle reminders for ways of avoiding clogged drains and other plumbing problems this Thanksgiving.

Oils & Fats
These are not the friend of your drain. While it’s easy to just dump these things down the sink, remember that at room temperature, these liquids are solids and can clog your pipes and drains.

Scrap Disposal
Vegetable and fruit skins are stringy and can curl around the edges of your garbage disposal blades. Best to compost these or throw them in the trash rather than having them clog your system.

Have a bone to pick? Whether you do or not, try not to throw them down the garbage disposal. Like scraps of stringy fruits and vegetables, these will not “digest” well. Additionally, if you have a septic system, things like bones, paper towels and similar debris should not be thrown in there.

Don’t overload the garbage disposal. In fact, turn it on and let it run for a bit before slowly adding items.

Hot Water
Ever find yourself in hot water… or running out? Making sure your hot water tank is up to par during the holiday season is important, especially with guests visiting. Regular service and inspections can help with this as well as keeping it at slightly higher temperatures to allow the hot water to last for longer periods of time.

Service and Inspections
It’s not just the hot water tank that should be regularly inspected. If you’re not sure about the health of your system, having a local plumber inspect your drains, pipes, and plumbing fixtures as well as performing routine maintenance can extend the life of your equipment and detect minor issues before they develop into serious problems.

Have a safe and happy holiday season! Hopefully, you won’t have any plumbing problems, but if you do, we at Wm. T. Spaeder offer 24-7 emergency service at 814-456-7014.


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