Procore: Spaeder Launches Cloud Based Documentation Tools

Procore Logo with Greyed Out Project Folders in the Background

Procore is a construction specific documentation management software that streamlines the overall building process by organizing digital documents into one place. Spaeder has begun implementing this technology over the past year and a half, allowing us to increase our efficiency and productivity.

Cutting Massive Pipes with Wachs Cold Cutting Machine

Wachs Air Cutter Thumbnail by Wm. T. Spaeder

This video demonstrates how we are using the Wachs cold cutting machine, also called an “air cutter,” to cut 48″ pipes. The Wachs cutter produces clean, accurate cuts that are ideal for welding. Steamfitters Apprentice Eric Holcomb talks about the overall process.

3D Scans Expedite Complex Tasks for the New Erie Insurance Office Building

Faro Video Thumbnail

The task of designing, fabricating, and installing the elaborate infrastructure for the new Erie Insurance Office Building fell to Wm. T. Spaeder Company, a family-owned and operated western Pennsylvania mechanical contractor.

FARO Laser Scanner Streamlines BIM Workflow

Overhead Point Cloud of Iroquois High School

Wm. T. Spaeder Company used the FARO laser scanner to create point clouds which can be used for reference in the BIM modeling process. Laser scanning provides near perfect measurements and takes the guess work out of modeling.

Wm. T. Spaeder Featured in Revizto’s “Hard Hat Huddle”

Webinar open frame. Revizto and Spaeder logos on construction backdrop.

Sr. VDC Coordinator, Frankie Davis Jr., was invited to participate in Revizto’s “Hardhat Huddle” webinar series. In this webinar, Frankie discussed how Spaeder uses Revizto to help coordinate projects with different trades.

Citizen’s Bank Renovation: Mechanical Design-Build Process

Two pictures divided by white line - architectural model and crane lifting HVAC unit

In the video, we discuss a little about the design-build process for a third-floor office space renovation at Citizen’s Bank in Erie, PA. We were contracted to complete the HVAC and Fire Protection.


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