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Split screen - woman in hard hat (left), woman at table in black coat(right)
Podcast #6 – Safety, COVID-19 & Construction

In this podcast, Kassie Koser, our Safety Director, discusses how COVID-19 has affected our work at Wm. T. Spaeder, talking about speci... Read More >

EksoBionics Exoskeleton mounted on plastic mannequin
Podcast #4 – EksoBionics Construction Exoskeletons

... Read More >

Podcast #3 – 3D Scanning in Construction Blog Image by WM.T. Spaeder
Podcast #3 – 3D Scanning in Construction

Episode #3 focuses on how construction companies can use 3D Scanning to help save time and money as well as work more efficiently.... Read More >

Podcast #2 – LINQ Blog Image by Wm.T. Spaeder
Podcast #2 – LINQ

... Read More >

Podcast #1 Augmented Reality & Mixed Reality in Construction Blog Image by WM.T. Spaeder
Podcast #1 – A/R & M/R in Construction

This is our flagship episode of the Wm. T. Spaeder podcast about advances in construction. Episode 101 focuses on how construction comp... Read More >


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