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BIM & VDC Capabilities Image for Healthcare, Industrial, Water & Wastewater Industries Image by Wm. T. Spaeder

Spaeder’s Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) Services

Technology allows Spaeder to take existing conditions, and replicate those in the building model. For the large market segment looking to adapt existing buildings for HVAC and process piping needs, we are able to bring the advantages of digital planning, building information modeling, and virtual design into play for major renovation projects and not just new construction.

With our advanced equipment and experienced design team, Spaeder places a heavy emphasis on visualization through modeling in order to “do it right the first time.” We also understand that customers benefit from the ability to look at models and offer immediate feedback. We use a cloud-based coordination system which enables our clients to log onto it anytime and see the design progress. It provides them with the opportunity to call us in the middle of the design to make changes, saving both time and money.

Virtual Design Construction (VDC) Services Image by Wm. T. Spaeder

Coordination Services

As a complement to our BIM capabilities, Spaeder’s coordination services support both 3D and 4D coordination. This feature provides all the trades working on a project with on-site, real-time, web-based information sharing. From design to installation, we make sure you have the information needed for project decisions.

Our 3D scanning and reality computing delivers field installation information that the design and coordination teams can use to address unforeseen situations and accommodate changes during project construction. Spaeder’s 4D coordination services provide a digital model of your project based on your goals and project timeline, helping to facilitate efficient workflow and planning.

Man in Safety Gear unpacking Faro 3D Scanner

Spaeder’s In-House BIM, VDC Capabilities for the Healthcare, Industrial & Water/Wastewater Industries

Our in-house Design and Coordination team uses the latest building information modeling technology to plan exactly what is needed. This helps cut down on wasted time, materials and ultimately, money. We take our 3D laser scanners into the field and capture full digital images of existing facilities which allow us to model these facilities in virtual environments. With this data, our engineers can do extensive planning before a single foreman steps on to a construction site, thus lowering total costs and helping to avoid mistakes after the project begins.


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