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Posted on December 2, 2019

In this video, Eli Thompson demonstrates the use of augmented and mixed reality on a construction site using both the Microsoft HoloLens as well as just an iPad. Learn more about our VDC Department.

Augmented Reality (A/R) is the projection of 3D models into the real world. Using a device with a camera such as an iPhone, iPad or HoloLens, you can project models into real space. The cameras will detect obstacles such as tables, floors and walls and will allow the model to be displayed holographically on the surface.

Some benefits of using A/R would consist of it being a lot less disorientating when compared to virtual reality, which shows you none of the real world. You can only see a simulated space. A/R devices are also portable, so they can be easily relocated to different sites and used for demonstrations as well.

Our VDC department at Wm. T. Spaeder is currently working on implementing A/R technology into the field. This would greatly benefit the workflow of the company as it has many different applications, both in our fab shop or on a construction site. In the fabrication shop, it would allow workers to visualize the virtual model in the physical space and scale it to the correct size. It will also be easy to verify that their work is correct. On a construction site, it can be utilized to observe how the project will progress and change.

One example of implementing A/R is using it to access information. For example, on one of our construction sites, there are 14 air handler units in the building. Rather than having to take apart the units to find out information such as model number, serial number, or how many filters they have, all the information would be on a QR code you would scan with the VisualLive software, and it would bring up a render of the air handler and give you all the information you would need about the unit.  Doing this would help save time in obtaining the information about the units, and the information can be quickly accessed. As we all know, time is money.

If you’re interested in learning more about A/R and M/R, please check out Episode #1 of our Podcast:  Leveling Up In Construction.

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