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Erie’s Most Experienced Mechanical Contractors

Wm. T. Spaeder Company is built on genuine entrepreneurship, quality craftsmanship, and a deep-rooted commitment to the community. From industrial and waste-water systems to building construction and fabrication services, we strive to seamlessly blend traditional mechanical contracting techniques with cutting-edge BIM technologies to ensure we meet—and exceed—the individualized needs of all our clients.

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Industry Leaders in Erie, PA and Beyond

Founder, William T. Spaeder, launched the business back in 1914 in Erie, PA. As a result of decades of hard work, our grassroots, family-owned and operated company has earned a reputation for world-class institutional and mechanical contracting services, as well as exceptional customer service. Today Wm. T. Spaeder has expanded to serve our customers in:

  • Erie
  • Pittsburgh
  • Buffalo

But our expansion doesn’t merely include new locations; we’re implementing LEED Certified materials and installation techniques to ensure field productivity, enhanced quality-standards, and top-rated customer satisfaction. Wm. T. Spaeder has diversified our solutions in our traditional and emerging markets.

A Higher Standard

With the help of our skilled workforce and an exceptional leadership team, Wm. T. Spaeder has grown from our humble beginning back in 1914 to a Tri-State leader in mechanical contracting services. We pride ourselves in fostering authentic relationships with customers and suppliers, adhering to rigorous quality standards, and enforcing our six core values:

Quality Craftsmanship

From the materials and technology we use to our skilled team and unparalleled experience, our products go beyond piping and HVAC systems, they’re part of the infrastructure that ensure the success of our clients.


Whether it’s the pace of a project, our 24 hour response, or our ability to understand our clients’ needs, we ensure every step in our process is adding efficiency and value to the end product.

Best-In-Business Practices

Our goal is always more than simply meeting the needs of our clients; we’re here to exceed them. Using industry best practices and rigorous self-assessment standards, we consistently produce exceptional results.


It’s important not only to be dedicated to the craft but dedicated to the client. Through project management, quality standards, and a thorough understanding of the industry, Wm. T. Spaeder is committed to exceeding our customers’ expectations.


At the root of every great project is a team that works effectively together. From the technology we’ve implemented to the design of our facility, every element of our business is designed to improve communication, collaboration, and logistics.


No matter the project, it is always our first priority to ensure the safety of our people, clients, and partnering contractors. Through our culture, commitment, and regulations, Spaeder has worked tirelessly to eliminate workplace hazards and has been recognized for these achievements by OSHA.

senior management team

Jay Spaeder


As a member of the L.U. 449 and L.U. 47 – General Foreman Pipefitter (1983-2014), Jay Spaeder has been CEO since 2016 and manager of the service division since 2007. The division has expanded dramatically under his leadership, and its staff of over 40 technicians offers emergency repairs and maintenance services to industrial, commercial, and residential customers.

Jay has 38 years of experience, consisting of 10 years of fieldwork, 19 years of managing HVAC and industrial projects, and nine years of divisional management. He is committed to the education and development of young tradesmen, has served on the Apprenticeship Committee for L.U. 47 and 449, and was instrumental in the development of the Apprentice & Journeyman Training Facility in Erie, PA.

Mary Kay Reber


During Mary Kay’s 30 years at Spaeder, she has shared in the company’s challenges and triumphs as it has grown in size and capabilities. In her role as Chief Financial Officer, she oversees the company’s major financial decisions. She also works with the other company owners to guide its strategic growth. Steering a 100+ year old family-owned company into the future can be exciting but every decision is pivotal and every detail important to ensure success and longevity. Before deciding to join the family business, Mary Kay worked in a variety of management positions and holds an advanced degree from Bowling Green State University as well as an MBA from Penn State. Her educational background compounded by years of experience in mechanical contracting offers a finely tuned perspective that provides critical insight into the company’s business development and financial goals.

Jeff Holloway

Operations Manager

With a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Michigan Tech University, Jeff Holloway brings 30 years of mechanical operations experience to Spaeder.  Jeff’s experience includes commercial, industrial, governmental, and water/wastewater projects throughout the eastern US.  Jeff has served as a Project Manager, Operations Manager, and Vice President during his career and previously directed the Water/Wastewater and Fire Protection divisions at Spaeder.  Jeff is a registered Professional Engineer and a LEED Accredited Professional.

Steve Eastbourn

Preconstruction Manager

With an Associate Degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology from Penn State Erie, The Behrend College, Steve is our Preconstruction Manager. He oversees the estimating and management of all plumbing and HVAC construction projects.

Steve’s background includes both large and small projects for healthcare, education, and commercial industries. He is a registered plumber for Erie County and has a plumbing license for the state of Ohio.

Steve also completed the Mechanical Contractors Association of America (MCAA)’s Institute for Project Management course in 2006 and is a LEED Accredited Professional. His experience includes seven years in the field, four years in project management, and nine years as Commercial Division Manager prior to accepting his current role as Preconstruction Manager.

Tom Kaspick

Corporate Business Development / Water Treatment

Tom Kaspick is our Corporate Sales Director.  He partners with CEOs, Business Owners, Facility and Maintenance Managers and others to share with them the advantages of working with a full-service mechanical contractor and the benefits the Wm. T. Spaeder Company can provide.  After spending nearly three decades working with many businesses in the region, Tom understands what truly drives conversations, what customers expect and what we can do to help them make their companies and projects better.  It’s how well you connect with the people you’re trying to help and communicate your understanding back to them that can make this working partnership a true asset to our customers.

Tom has worked with a large diversity of customers in our area as well as doing cost-savings consulting work from New England to the Gulf Shore.  His attention to detail, understanding of what customers want/need, and building long term relationships is an asset valued by our customers, just like our quality of work.  Tom believes that keeping the customer informed and meeting their goals and expectations is yet another added benefit of the Wm. T. Spaeder Company being a full-service mechanical contractor.

Kassie Koser

Safety Director

With a Bachelor of Science Degree from Slippery Rock University, Kassie has over 10 years of safety experience in various environments ranging from academia to heavy industrial construction and manufacturing. Her responsibilities include company compliance with the varying state and federal entities to general risk management and employee development.

Kassie has a vast background in human performance coaching and training which has assisted her in revising the entire safety management system for Wm. T. Spaeder and enhanced consistency amongst the differing trades the company partners with. These changes have been key driving factors in reducing the companies overall risk and encouraging employee participation.

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